Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Potter K. Schwartz

Everybody, meet Potter K. Schwartz!

He was found wandering on the streets of Camden County, NJ, emaciated at 16 pounds and with cherry eyes.  His eyes were fixed, and he was then rescued and adopted by my friends Heidi and David, and nursed back to health.  He is now a lovely little boy, with a healthy figure and a sweet disposition.  He's thought to be around three years of age.

Potter likes other dogs and has an adorable little fenced-in yard, so we thought it might be fun to introduce Potter and Dorothy and give them a bit of outdoorsy yard time.  And the playdate went quite well!  Potter didn't really want to play with Dorothy per se--which I think is a three year-old's prerogative--so when Dorothy tried to run with him, he very politely let her know with a short growl and a bustling away from her that he did not want to do that, thank you very much.  But he was happy to share his yard with Dorothy, and several of his tennis balls.

Dorothy seemed to really enjoy her first time since Maine being able to be outside and off the leash.  She ran and found sticks to chew and explored and ate a lot of grass.  Here is Dorothy chewing on her favorite plant by the fence:

What really pleased me is that after a hour or so of playing in the yard, we walked Dorothy and Potter around the block.  And Dorothy, whose walking problems have been oft documented in this blog, walked beautifully with Potter, without stopping and balking once.  We are definitely therefore going to go forward with plans to get the dogs together for a walk along the river.

Dorothy and Potter, a little oxen team:

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