Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion?

Does Dorothy like hearing bongos in the park, you ask?

The answer is No.  No she most certainly does not.  And she will show you how much she does not like bongos being played in the park by trying to climb to the top of your head to escape that strange thrumming.

In fact, Dorothy seems to be going through a bit of a skittish phase at the moment.  If she hears a noise that is unexpected or new to her, she will jump a mile and then look from side to side with her ears back and a funny frown on her face.

Here are some of the things that have made her jump in the past few days:

  • The afore-mentioned bongos played in the park.  She didn't like them when we walked into the park, and she still didn't like them twenty minutes later when we walked out.
  • Trombones being played in the practice rooms of the Curtis School of Music with the windows open.  She kept craning her neck to try to see where that horrible sound was coming from.  (Yet strangely, she was drawn to a Puck-ish man playing a black wooden flute.  Go figure).
  • Barking chihuahuas wearing black leather jackets.
  • Any dog that is having a barking fit, actually.
  • Bicycle brakes that squeak--this one almost made her refuse to walk at all.
  • Loud music coming from passing cars.
  • Poodles wearing bows on their ears.  (At first she wanted to get one of the bows with her teeth, but all of a sudden it seemed to give her the heebie jeebies.)
I also realized that she was perhaps a little overly cautious when we walked on a new route, so now I'm trying to take her in all different directions, so that she realizes when it comes to a walk, new is good.

Dorothy, upon hearing a bongo:

Has anyone else had this experience with an 18 week-olde puppy?

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