Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Bulldogge By-Laws

There seems to be a little disagreement in my household over the contents of the Bulldogge By-laws (not to be confused with the Pug Handbook).  For instance, I like to remind Dorothy that the Bulldogge By-Laws state that she has to give me kisses--and not just strangers she meets on the street.  I tell her the By-Laws explicitly mention Walks, and the goings on thereof, at least thrice daily.  I believe that that passage even mentions something about going on walks eagerly, but Dorothy denies that it says this and when I went back and looked for it, I only found a page with a bite taken out.

Plum likes to referee during such disagreements

But when he is in control of the By-Laws, all of a sudden they seem to be peppered with phrases such as "and then thou shalt worship the Purple Cat" and "Henceforth the contractee will make sure to continually proffer the Purple Cat with sweetmeats of his choosing" and other similar Articles and Amendments.  And that doesn't sound right to me.

Dorothy insists that the Bulldogge By-Laws are a work in progress, and that it might make sense to remove the Section about No Bulldogges being allowed on the table, say, and replace it with something More Faire.

I'm pretty sure that clause will remain as is, though.

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Martha said...

And Posy Fern would like to add "And Thou Shalt Treat The Wee Kitty Like The BassAss That She Is. And Then Thou Shalt Add To That A Woman."