Monday, May 9, 2011

Dorothy is Four Months Olde Today

Well, these pictures were taken a week ago, but you get the idea.  The sign says "I am 4 months olde today", but apparently my sharpie pen is not dark enough for my basic little camera.  And like any 4 month-er, Dorothy didn't exactly want to sit still for the pictures.  Once again, I had to resort to kibble:

And an out-take:

I think I probably should have gone with the weekly photo instead of the monthly, as watching Dorothy is not unlike watching time lapse photography--you can practically see her grow before your very eyes.  A sea monkey!  A magic rock!  Dorothy the growing bulldogge.


Martha said...

Little Dotty is HUGE! Mercy. You should take a picture of her every month ala that youtube video of the pregant woman. Now that would be funny.

elisabethellington said...

Maybe she should pause in her growth for a couple of months. I need many more pictures of Dorothy as a puppe because she becomes a dogge. (It's really tempting to put that extra e on everything, isn't it?)

elisabethellington said...

Oops that is supposed to be "before she becomes a dogge." Not "because she becomes a dogge."

Elizabeth said...

Dorothy as a puppe! Ha! You're right, that "e" becomes a habit. As does pronouncing the extra "g". :) I somehow always end up thinking of a flagon of grog.