Friday, May 20, 2011

Freaky Friday

Oh it is a lovely cheesesteak-y kind of day in Philadelphia!  Let us go visit our friend Dorothy and see what she is up to!  It is mid-day on a workday, so she must be in her crate.

Wait, what?

Oh well!  Dorothy must be out for a walk.  So let us now go look for Plum, who must, like many a cat before him, be sunning himself merrily in a windowsill!

But wait, who is this?  Harken!

Why, it appears to be a bulldogge on a window sill, and she seems to be having words with us!

What is going on, Dorothy?

Why, if dogs are allowed on sills, then the apartment becomes a free for all, and we might even find something like a cat in a sink.

Oh help.

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