Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pastoral Scene with You and Your Partner (AND A BULLDOGGE!)

It is 85 degrees out--one of the first warm days of the season.  You and your honey get out the old blanket and carry it to the nearby park so that you can lie down and soak up the rays while cuddling.  Maybe you have a picnic that you plan on unpacking later, or maybe not.  But what might be missing from this scenario?


Well never fear, because one has appeared straining at the end of her leash, and she is about to make your blanket the scene of a threesome.  With a leap and a bound she wedges herself between you and your mate, scattering what is there to be scattered, and yes, scrabbling you a bit with her nails.  Let the kisses begin--and oh, they do.

This is what has been happening repeatedly lately, as the weather is warm and the park -- aka Dorothy's toilet -- fills up with lounging folk.  I don't let Dorothy divebomb people until they give me the okay, mind you, but once they beckon, she is there in a flash!  She loves to kiss strangers, and she seems to love to kiss kissing strangers even more.  She will either wedge herself between people, if they are lying down, or jump into laps if they are sitting up, and smooch away.

She'll pause every now and then, of course, to give me a look which says something to the extent of, "I knew parks weren't just for walking!  They're for lying down and kissing and stick chewing!  Liar!"  Etc.

And then the only way I can get her away from the picnic is to bribe her with a hansel-and-gretel-like trail of treats.  And then only sometimes.

So if you live in Center City Philadelphia, and you have in mind a little bit of romantic lollygagging--prepare to be attacked by the lovin' of Miss Dorothy Hyacinth.  It -- well -- it comes cheap.

Dorothy, wondering if that is you she sees kissing on a blanket:

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