Monday, May 16, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

My Posy has a sweetfang.  She won't eat savory cat treats--no pounce or pill pockets or anything like that for her.

What she will eat, however, is buttercream frosting.  I found this out the hard way:  I left a cupcake with blue icing on the table for one second, turned around to pour myself a glass of milk, and when I turned back to the table, my cupcake looked a bit mangled, and Posy--well, Posy looked like a sticky smurfette.  She had just performed a cupcake face-plant, and was hoping I wouldn't notice, despite the blue buttercream encasing her small smushed face.  She even had blue on the ends of her whiskers.

That's my gal!

She also has another habit, which seems very strange to me, being new to cats, and that is:  she'll sniff my plate, and if she doesn't like the smell, she will then proceed to "cover" the plate from all sides with phantom earth.  Someone told me that this is an old instinct to cover up food so as not to attract predators....but really?!  It seems like quite a charade to go through.

And last week while covering my felafel with phantom earth, she knocked a glass onto the floor, sending shards everywhere.  I should have just left them there so that the pretend predator could have cut its feet on the glass....

Cats are strange.

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Mister Snacks said...

LOL I must see this Posy phantom earth move!