Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Suspicious Baked Bulldogge

Although Dorothy has lived with me in my apartment for over a year now, a few nights ago for the first time she noticed her reflection in my oven door.  It stopped her dead in her tracks:  What’s this? You could see her thinking.  A beautiful, yet suspicious, bulldogge in the house and she hadn’t even seen it come in the door?  And then as the wheels continued to turn, she wondered if it might be competition for the attention of her Dad, and did she mention she wasn’t sure where it had come from?! 

So she growled,  And she crouched down a bit.  And she started moving ever so slowly toward the Oven Bulldogge.  And just as she was about to gather all her courage and go face to face with it to give it a sniff, her prankster father reached out and grabbed her butt.  Up jumped Dorothy, a good six feet or so in the air, in total panic.  And when she landed, she scampered far away from the oven dogge.  And here is where I must admit that I laughed a bit.  Dorothy is not a timid or a skittish dog, so this wasn’t behavior I had witnessed before. 

For the rest of the night Dorothy made a wide arc around the oven, never getting too close to it.  But the next day she seemed to have forgotten about her toasty warm alter-ego: from nowhere it appeared and to nowhere it had returned.

Dorothy thinking, it was all just way too creepy!

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