Monday, May 28, 2012


The other day when I was home at lunch walking Dorothy, she was happily distracted from her walking duties by a meter man.  As is her wont when she meets an admiring man on the street, Dorothy stood up on her hind legs and covered the man's face with kisses.  She's a flirt, my Dorothy.

The meter man said that he has met a lot of dogs in his time on the job, but that out of all the dogs he has met, Dorothy is the best kisser.  Dorothy seemed to nod her assent.

I decided that I would text Sean with the meter man's praise, but before doing so I warned him that the words I was going to say were not necessarily what a father wanted to hear about his daughter.

And Sean's reply?  He said he was going to send Dorothy off to military school!  Oh no, Dorothy!  Contain your libido!

Dorothy thinking, can I help it if the menfolk love me?

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