Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pawlicker not Potsticker

After our vet visit of two weeks ago, things seem to be improving for Dorothy.  Her UTI is gone for now, and her panty-area staph infection is the most faded it has ever been.

In general, too, she seems to have less hotspots, although she is still licking her paws more often than I’d like.  The area between her toes is all slightly red and raw looking, and I don’t know if it is because of that that she licks them, or if it’s because of the licking that they look like that.  It’s a chicken/egg quandary!  

I have threatened her with the cone of shame and in general I tend to yell at her when she starts pawlicking.  I realized this weekend, however, that she was spending a lot of time in the bedroom by herself, and when I went to peek to see what she was doing, she was licking her paws!  And when she saw me, she immediately stopped and pretended she was just resting her tongue I mean chin on those paws. 

Sneaky Dorothy!

Dorothy thinking, why should I not do what I want with my own paws?

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