Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Material Girl

Dorothy is a dog who is very fond of her toys.  It is true that she likes nothing more than the humble stick found out of doors, but she is also fond of stuffed toys, tennis balls, and anything rubber.  (In fact, it can be said she is often a little too fond of some of her rubber toys, if you catch my drift.)  

I bought her a red rubber nylabone yesterday and she was very pleased with it.  She ran around the apartment with it for awhile, and then she tried to impress both cats by going up to them with the bone in her mouth and showing it off.  Sadly, neither cat was very impressed by Dorothy’s new acquisition, and one even batted her on the head for getting too close to him with it.  But she didn’t let feline negativity affect her high spirits!  Here she is very happily chewing on her new rubber nylabone:

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