Wednesday, May 30, 2012

After a Few Days With Dad

Since our schedule is still fluctuating at this point, when Dorothy's father is over, Dorothy is never sure when he will be back, so she feels she has to play with him the ENTIRE time he is here.  Once we all live under the same roof, we are sure that Dorothy will realize that she is allowed a time-out every now and then from all the playing.

Last week her father was over two afternoons and nights in a row, so Dorothy went all out.  Plus the next morning he took her to the dogpark for even more running.

This was quite a gift to me, since that meant all Saturday Dorothy was resting from all the playing, so I could do things that didn't involve a bulldogge.

She slept all the rest of the day and only begrudgingly went out a few times to do her business.  Here she is around 8:00 that evening, still tired, as you can see.

Dorothy humming "It's a Hard Knock Life" as she snoozes:

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