Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dorothy Loves Attention

Dorothy got to do one of her favorite things last week—she visited the vet!  I’m always struck by how different Dorothy’s reaction to the vet is compared with my pug Tulip’s.  Tulip was always polite to a vet and a vet tech, but she did not want to be there, and as such, she was not really going to fraternize with the enemy.  The minute we walked into a vet’s office, she would sit facing the door, and when I’d call her name she would just shrug one shoulder a bit, like she was brushing away an annoying insect.  If you didn’t hold Tulip down on the vet’s examination table, she would hurl herself through the air and land on the nearest non-vet person, clinging to their trunk like a koala.

Dorothy, on the other hand, is so happy to be at the vet’s that she cries in the waiting room because she doesn’t want to wait her turn!  She wants to immediately go back to the exam room and up on that table, and once there, she wants to kiss the vet and the vet tech non-stop.  And kiss them she does.  The vet asked:  is she always this happy?

We were there for a multitude of reasons, mainly that she had a UTI once again, which we think is caused by a staph infection in her panty region that has been there for a year and that we’ve never gotten rid of completely.  The vet thinks the infection is causing the repeated UTI’s so we are now on a mission to get rid of the staph once and for all.  She is on antibiotics, we are to bathe her a couple times a week, and put on various unguents on the days she doesn’t have a bath.

She didn’t like having her blood drawn, and she also didn’t care for the manicure and pedicure the vet tried to give her—she let him know that was a no-go by pinching him a bit with her teeth.  J

And of course, when the appointment was over, she did not want to leave.  I told her Tulip was rolling in her metaphorical grave at such behavior.  

Dorothy thinking, You know, I just really thrive on all the attention!

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