Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spruce Street Spa

The secondhand sun I get in my apartment during the summer is already departing, so once again Posy has had to turn to the table lamp for her "sun" baths and vitamin D. Here she is first thing in the morning, warming up:

It's like one of those hairdryers that fit down onto your head:

At any rate, Posy seems to be enjoying it very much.  She is probably deciding what spa service she should select next, the hot rocks maybe?  Cupping?  A mani-pedi?

Posy, dreaming of buttercream frosting on a cupcake:

And when the "sun" bath is over, it is time to curl up on a warm comforter (never mind the fact that when these pictures were taken it was still in the eighties).

Sleep well, Posy; sleep well!

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