Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surveying Her Domain

At eight months old, Dorothy is still finding her voice.  She has a play bark which I know well and hear often.  She has a protest bark, which she'll use on occasion -- and it is not a mellifluous sound.  And she has a guard growl and bark that I've heard her use a few times when she hears a strange sound outside of our apartment door.

When we were in Maine, however, she debuted a new bark:  a There Is A Critter On My Property and I Don't Much Like It bark.  And dare I say it?  Each time she used that bark, it was very hard not to giggle.  Her critter bark is 2/3rds woo-woo-woo with 1/3rd ruff.  It is a bark with an essence of howl to it.

Dorothy liked to use this bark while looking out from the sunporch to the back yard and hills.  Occasionally the bark was directed towards a bird (there is a colony of doves who like to bicker below the bird feeder), but she usually reserved the bark for a fat squirrel which would hop forth to the feeder and back.  Here is Dorothy surveying her domain and using her critter bark:

And here she is with her feelings a bit hurt when we all laughed:

Sorry, Dorothy!  You are indeed a very fierce bulldogge!

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