Monday, September 12, 2011

Breaking the Curse

September is usually one of my favorite months.  It is not as good as October, which is my absolute favorite, but usually by the end of it, the heat has broken its death-like grip on the city, autumn is in the air, winter squash is for sale, and candy corn is in the stores and in my pockets.  And all is well.

However, this September is turning out to be VERY STRESSFUL, and that is because my team, the Boston Red Sox, are playing worse than dreadfully.  So far, they have played eleven games this month and only won two.  TWO GAMES OUT OF ELEVEN.  It would not be stretching it to say that their dismal performance is ruining my month.

And so to try to break them out of their ghastly slump, I present to you one of their youngest and prettiest fans, Miss Dorothy Hyacinth:

Do you see what Dorothy is wearing?  Yes!  That would be her new Red Sox collar and her new Red Sox leash, both purchased for her by Sean, despite the fact that he is a Phillies fan.  Doesn’t she look spiffy in her fan gear?

Now all the team has to do is to begin winning once again, so that if and when we get heckled for her new ensemble on the streets of Philadelphia, we can both hold our heads up with pride.  Don’t let us down, Red Sox!

 And Dorothy, stop chewing on your new leash!

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