Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eating The Great Outdoors

There is, apparently, something that has been missing in Dorothy's life...and that something is salad.  She has spent as much time eating greenery outside as she has spent running in the grass and chasing tennis balls.

She doesn't seem to be a very discriminatory eater when it comes to her greens, either. She'll eat whatever her snout is in when she lowers her head, be it grass, clover, flowers, weeds, what have you.

Might Dorothy be the first ever vegan bulldogge?!  Maybe I just need to serve her a small house salad as a side dish to her kibble!


Martha said...

And only one scoop?

Rhiannon said...

I own Dorothy's sister, Lucy. I read your blog frequently and it has been so much fun watching her grow like I do with my own puppy. They have many of the same quirks, and this one struck me in particular. Lucy is a green-muncher too, which I have always seen as a little funny. Thanks for all of the great pictures and stories!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Rhiannon, I'm glad you read and enjoy the blog! Does your Lucy look a lot like Dorothy? I haven't seen pictures of her littermates since they were small. That's funny that Lucy too munches greens. Dorothy acted like she was starving whenever I took her outside. I'm thinking maybe I need to give her some veggies now that we are back in the city!