Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dorothy Meets a Yeti

Dorothy spent her first ten weeks amongst her 7 litter mates, and then also with her parents, her Aunts Dharma and Suzie, and a pretty senior citizen pitbull whose name I am forgetting.  When I picked her up, I took her to my parents’ house for the first two days I had her.  While there, she met Nellie, their Tibetan Terrier.

As far as I know, this was Dorothy's first exposure to a very furry beastie, and I can only wonder what she made of it.  I pictured her writing a mental journal:  “Week Ten.  Met a Yeti.  Not sure if she is friendly, but am enjoying playing with all of her toys.” 

OMG!  Bigfoot DOES exist!

Can you see this too or is it just me?

Already, Dorothy was deploying her signature wrestling move, which is to go for the jowls and hang on for dear life.  Nellie, to her credit, was very gentle with Dorothy.

Soon Dorothy and I and the cats are heading to Maine for a few weeks’ vacation, and I am looking forward to seeing how Dorothy and Nellie interact.  No doubt Dorothy will want to play with Nellie constantly, and will make a pest out of herself…but since this is what Nellie used to do with my elderly pug, Tulip, I can’t help but think Nellie is about to receive her just desserts.

The yeti with its master

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