Monday, November 5, 2012

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

Plum and Dorothy have found themselves united lately against a certain chubby interloper new to our house.  They will often play a rousing game of chase from first floor to attic and back--a game initiated by Plum, and not just ended by a paw swat by Plum--and the other day I caught them commiserating on the couch.  Here they are, Plum cleaning a haunch and Dorothy a paw:

When hark!  Both are interrupted in their cleaning by the squawk of a Tiny Terrorist, Mr. Owen:

Oh no!  It sounds like the beginning of evening fussy time!

Drat and bother!

Settling down for the long haul:


Elisabeth said...

I've come by to look at these pictures about 10 times in the last 2 days. So awesome. I love how Plum is snuggling yet also pretending not to snuggle. "There's a dogge here? Now how did that happen?"

Elizabeth said...

Yes, these days Plum has to take his comfort where he can get it! And sometimes his only choice is the bulldogge.