Monday, November 26, 2012


As anyone who lives or has lived with a pug knows, pugs are clowns with a great sense of humor.

My Tulip was very good at "jokes", her favorite being to take a few steps back each time I bent over to put on her leash, remaining just out of reach.  She thought that was funny.  She also liked to join me in my sweater when I wasn't paying enough attention to her, and pop her little pug noggin out the neck hole.  That too was a riot.  We also had a gag routine that we'd do, where I'd say "attack!" and point at someone else, and Tulip would run over and attack my sneakers.  Ba dum dum.

But then there were also those occasions when the humans would not really be laughing with the pugs, but at them.  And one such instance was the L.T., or Lip Tuck.  This is what my sister and her husband called what happened when a pug's snaggle-teeth ended up on the outside of the pug lip instead of the inside.  The pug with an L.T. walks around with tiny teeth protruding, and doesn't understand why everyone is snickering.

It turns out that this is something that a bulldogge does as well.  I present to you Exhibit A:

Now that is a lip tuck!  Of course, her father and I began to laugh, and poor Dorothy had no idea what was so funny.  We are juvenile that way.  But look again!:

Hee hee.  It's the bulldogge equivalent of slipping on a banana peel!  Snicker.

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Martha said...

Tulip's other favorite joke was "watch the ______ (insert either crescent roll or bagel here) disappear!"

She was great at that one!

That's an impressive LT, Dorothy!