Thursday, November 15, 2012

Posy and Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is not an experience I would like to repeat, and we had it easy compared to most.  We lost our electricity for thirty hours, and although my complaining about it rivaled the sounds of Sandy's formidable winds, it really wasn't that bad.  We kept a fire going in our living room and hung a blanket up in the doorway to keep the heat in.  We then basically spent thirty hours in the living room--me, Sean, infant, bulldogge, and two cats--all crowding around the hearth.  I did a lot of fretting about what to do with the bags and bags of breastmilk in the freezer, and we had just worked out a plan for it -- a kind of breastmilk underground railroad -- when the power went back on.

The pets definitely could tell that something was up.  Pre-storm, both cats watched the birds in the yard gather food, and Dorothy, bothered by the shifts in barometric pressure, kept close to wherever we were.  Once Sandy arrived and the winds got nasty, however, Posy got down to important hurricane business:  she gave her little person a thorough cleaning.  Here she is next to me on the couch, getting jiggy with her tummy region:

What?  I already have batteries and candles at the ready!

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