Friday, November 23, 2012

Plum Feeling Bookish

When we moved this summer, I was in the midst of a bad case of pregnancy edema, so spent all of my non-work hours with my feet up.  This meant that Sean had to do most of the packing and most of the unpacking, including all of my books.  When I moved from New Hampshire to Philadelphia via New Jersey nine years ago, I donated almost half of my book collection:  but I still have a lot of books.  Books please me.

We wanted to try to get the house at least basically arranged before Owen arrived, so when we unpacked, Sean put my books on the shelves as they came out of the box.  This was fine for a temporary solution, but my OCD wouldn't let this situation stand for long!  Why there were "w" books communing with "F's" and "A's"!  Fiction was mixed with nonfiction!  Authors' oeuvres were scattered across two floors!  It simply would not do.

I waited until I had my strength back and could stand on my feet and bend at the waist, and I set to alphabetizing and rearranging one weekend in September.  I didn't have much room in my Philly apartment, so settled there for a general alphabetizing of the books with no separation of genre, and lots of horizontal stacks.  Since we have room in this house--plus several built-in bookshelves!--I was able to do some OCD arranging!

And Plum helped!  Here he is filing himself under "L"...for Lothario?

For any reader with book OCD who needs to know, I separated my books into autobiography and memoir, Sean's art books, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.  And I experimented by making the shelf on our second floor landing into a shelf of series!  With some Trollope on top!

Contented sigh!

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