Monday, November 12, 2012

Owen's October Outfits

While this blog has been sleeping, Owen has been busy keeping up with his established sartorial standards--not easy to do what with all the drool and vomit he likes to proffer to each onesie.  Here he is a few weeks ago in a whale outfit from Boden.  I think it looks good, but Owen is not so sure:

And here he is getting into the Halloween spirit:

And in the chubby altogether--sporting a pistachio green Bumgenius 4.0 cloth diaper.  I spy nice chunky thighs!:

I am fond of plaid, and therefore so is Owen!  Funny how that works.  Here he is in a Carters one-piece plaid outfit, looking like a somber lumberjack:

And here he is in his new Carters warm footed sleeper from his Granny and Grandfather.  Along with Boden clothes, Carters are my favorite.  They fit Owen well, they have cute details, they wash well to boot--and they are relatively inexpensive, which is a big plus.

Here is Owen looking quite dapper and getting in touch with his inner Texas in a horsie outfit from his Great Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob:

Looking very fetching in a Boden dog shirt, and khaki pants from his Great Aunt Elsie:

Not so sure about this one, apparently.  Should a polo shirt extend to the legs?  Does Old Navy know what it is doing?!

This next outfit is admittedly a little busy.  I probably should not have matched these particular trousers with this particular shirt.  But every once in a while one needs to go all out.  And whereas his father claims the trousers are too Mork from Ork, I think they are spiffy.  We call this Brokeback Owen:

Owen says howdy pardner!

And here he is in shark uppers and guitar lowers.  Why not mix nautical with musical?

Owen feels very natty in his Boden shark jumper!

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