Monday, November 19, 2012

Owen Gets Photobombed

Owen is an only child, so he doesn't have siblings to compete with.  Yet with a dogge and two cats milling about, it can be hard for him to be the solo subject of a photo.  Here he is, a vision in plaid, sitting getting some philosophising done in his bumbo chair, and preparing to have the moment immortalized, when hark!  A purple cat appears in the background:

Dorothy is very good with Owen for the most part.  As long as he isn't crying too frantically, and as long as her father is not giving Owen all of his attentions, then she is fine.  And sometimes she will go over to Owen to try to discern just what the fuss over this little fellow is all about:

Poor Owen is not so sure that he wants a faceful of Dorothy kisses, yet with limited neck and head control, there is only so far he can move away from the smoocher:

Never fear, Owen!  Soon the tides will turn and the toddler will be invading the bulldogge's space with unwanted kisses.  And perhaps a stray cheerio.

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