Saturday, November 10, 2012

Owen's First Halloween A Little Late

Working full-time with a newborn is not conducive to getting a lot of things done at home.  I'm basically gone for ten hours, and when I get home I spend most of my time with Owen, while fitting in only the chores I need to do for the next day.  This is a long way of saying that our Halloween preparations this year were not the most thorough.  We did get pumpkins, and we did carve them--but luckily for us trick or treating was postponed a few days because of Hurricane Sandy, since we didn't get our carving done until November 3rd.

So Owen had two Halloween costumes, although they were a hand-me-down and a pastiche.  Here is Owen as a scary skeleton:

And here he is in close up, looking not remotely skeletal in his skeleton suit.  A skeleton with chubby cheeks!:

And here is pumpkin Owen, in a costume once worn by his cousin Henry.  This is how he looked when the trick or treaters came by for their candy.  Festive, no?!:

One good thing about babies is that the line between halloween costumes and everyday wear is easily crossed.  For example, this is Owen's winter "coat," inherited from a friend of Martha's.  An adorable little blue bear-kin.

Anyway, Owen DID dress up for Halloween, so I suppose that is something.  Sean has next year's costume all planned, and since it involves a bit of sewing, I'm hoping I'll have this work/baby/ household upkeep thing more down pat!

(Dorothy had a Halloween costume too, by the way:  she was a punk rocker with a lavender mohawk and spiked necklace and bracelet.  Unfortunately for this blog, we didn't get a good photo of her in the costume (yet) because she kept attacking the mohawk....  I will try again, never fear....)

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