Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two Outfits and a Likeness

There is one thing cuter than Owen in his Wash Pod, and that is Owen in his shark bathrobe.  He likes to wear this robe to and fro the bath.  When I showed the picture to his southern auntie, she asked if Owen was the shark, or being eaten by the shark.  And at this point it is hard to tell.  The robe is still a little big.

And speaking of southern auntie, here is an outfit Owen wore the other day with soccer booties from his southern auntie and southern cousins:

The ACDC/ABCD t-shirt is from his Aunt Martha, and the gray pants from his Granny and Grandfather.  I'm told he looks a little like my baby pictures in this series--it must be the fat cheeks and multiple chins.  Here he is in the same outfit sitting up:

And here he is in a close-up, and Sean thinks that in his black shirt he looks not unlike a chubby Steve Jobs:

The observant among you might note that he is growing a fine pair of reddish eyebrows, and a set of so far stumpy black lashes.  What's next?  A soul patch and mutton chops?!

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