Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bulldogge ByLaws: The Crying Clause

The other day I came across Dorothy trying to thumb through the hefty tome that is the Bulldogge ByLaws, while simultaneously trying to cover her ears to block out the sound of Owen crying.  Dorothy has disliked the crying since Day One, and has tried various tactics to block out the sound, from leaving the room, to going under the covers, to giving us pointed "aren't you going to shut that thing up" looks and whining.  All that infant crying can wear a bulldogge out.

Here Dorothy is and she'd like you to know that Owen's infernal racket has made her look like the pitbull she is not:

She says a bulldogge needs her beauty sleep and this is what happens when she does not get enough of it:

So anyway, that is why I found Dorothy flipping through the ByLaws looking for the Crying Clause, which says something to the extent of:  Any crying in Bulldogge Manor shall be done by the bulldogge, herself, and not by any of the human inhabitants of said manor.  Nor by the cats.

And after the bulldogge doth whine, she shall rest in silence and peace on the couch:

So sayeth the Bulldogge ByLaws, as quoted by Dorothy of Bulldogge Manor.

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