Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cats Where They Want To Be, Doing What They Want To Do

In a previous post, I was so bold as to proclaim that we had a no pets in the baby equipment rule.  I should have kept my big mouth shut.  Since publishing that post, every time I turn around I spy a cat doing what s/he ought not.  I first came across Posy nestled in the very bugaboo that necessitated the rule in the first place.  Then, when she was removed unceremoniously from said bugaboo, Posy marched over to Owen's catapult seat and made herself at home:

And while she was doing this, Plum was over on the coffee table sucking on one of Owen's pacifiers:

The next day I went to change Owen and found guess who basking in a sunbeam on Owen's changing table:

And when I couldn't find the Baby Bjorn and went looking for it?  Yes, you guessed it, I found it under Posy's warm body on the table.

Between the cats on the baby equipment, and Dorothy trying to claim and destroy all of Owen's toys, it is a madhouse here.  Perhaps I should just throw in the towel and add more chaos:  a pair of ferrets perhaps?  A wee pig or miniature goat?  Gerbils?

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Martha said...

ha! Nancy used to try Henry's paci occasionally. It was rubbery - just like her kong!