Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All Guests Must Kiss The Bulldogge

Dorothy loves a visitor, and she always has done.  The problem she is having now is that for some reason most recent visitors seem to pay way too much attention to her--let's face it--rather lackluster little brother (Does he play frisbee?  No, he does not!  Does he attack and kill his father's socks for him? Again, nyet!)--and not enough attention to her, Dorothy.

This state of affairs simply will not do, so now Dorothy has added a few skills to her guest-greeting repertoire, including Jumping Up On The Guest Right as They Lift Their Knee To Step Up On the Considerable Front Door Step, Thus Causing Them To Lose A Bit of Balance and Lean Forward, So That Then They Are At the Perfect Height For Kisses.  As you can imagine, this tends to take the poor guest by surprise.

And if a guest should happen to sit on a couch, well then!  They are simply Fair Game for hugs and kisses!  And when I say "hugs", I mean hugs, for Dorothy will plunk each front meathook down on either side of the couch-sitter's head, pin them in place, and start smooching.

Don't you want to come visit?

This past Friday my Aunt Elsie came to meet Owen, see our new house, and of course, give pats to the pets.  Dorothy immediately began her guest-greeting routine, and tried her hardest to make sure Elsie paid as much attention to her as she did to Owen.  This entailed trying out a new skill:  Getting Between The Baby and His Bottle.

Here is Elsie trying to please both great grandnephew and great grandniece:

I'd say she did a fine job!  Thanks for visiting, Elsie!  Come again next time you are in the mood for some bulldogge slobber.  :)

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