Sunday, October 21, 2012

Posy Says: What Baby?

The first month Owen was here, Posy ignored him completely.  He simply was not in her orbit, or she didn't see any reason to acknowledge his presence.  After a few weeks, she began to show interest--or a kind of negative interest, at any rate.  If Owen was lying on a blanket on the floor having tummy time or kicking time, Posy would come in the room but would walk in a large arc around him.

A few times recently she has wanted to sniff his head, but I've been wary of letting her, since on occasion she would sniff my pug Tulip's head, and end up taking a big mouthful of Tulip's face-folds.  I don't want her to do the same with Owen's considerably chubby cheeks.  So Posy has had to find other ways to greet her new housemate.  Here she is taking a rest on her scratching pad while Owen rests in his nearby catapult seat:

And she is always willing to join me in the guest room while I pump, and then she gets as bored as I do:

While I am pushing Owen in his carriage indoors in order to try to get him to stop fussing, I often come across this obstacle in the road:

If you think she will get out of her sunspot to let us pass by, you have another think coming!

And the other day I was about to leave Owen's room having changed him, when I caught a glimpse of a furry little something nestled in Owen's dirty clothes hamper:

Happy napping, Posy!


Elisabeth said...

I am pretty sure Wilhemina still does not know we have children, and Lola, now that she's gotten them trained up, is able to pretend they don't exist. Wilhemina does not deign to notice what she finds beneath her: I really don't think she even sees the boys. Lola trained the boys very quickly--by lifting her foot to hit them whenever they walked by. So now they are in the habit of giving her a very wide berth. Both the boys are scared of W. and Lola, and W. and Lola think that's exactly the way things should be. I love the photo of Posy in the hamper.

Martha said...

Posy is probably just hiding from Plum!