Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Let a Sunbeam Go To Waste?

Lately it has been freakishly warm out, and it is supposed to continue being in the high seventies all week.  Dorothy loved the cold, Maine Girl she, and now that it is warm out she is already acting more "sluggish" on our walks.  I have gotten so that if I see a very sunny stretch of sidewalk coming up, I will actually cross the street to avoid it.  This is not to keep me from freckling, but rather to keep Dorothy from collapsing dramatically down onto the sunny pavement square and relaxing completely in a few seconds, looking as comfortable as if she were lying poolside in a chaise lounge with a fruity beverage and a pair of ray bans.

Once Dorothy is belly to hot concrete, it can be a little hard to get her back on her feet again.  I am not above giving her tuckus a gentle nudge with my foot, mind you, but I have to wait until her legions of admirers have stopped plying her with oohs and ahhs and scritches and lovins' -- all the while assuring them that no, she is not dehydrated, and no, she really is not exhausted and does not need a rest.

Dorothy should win an Oscar one of these days.

Dorothy thinking, I really do not want to let my peeps down;
I need to add a little more drama to my act....
A pirouette before I swoon, mayhap?

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