Monday, March 26, 2012


I know it is not proper etiquette to talk about a girl’s weight, let alone proclaim the number on the internet, but I’m going to make an exception in this case since Dorothy carries it so well.  J  We weighed her the other day after not doing so for several months, and at 15 months olde, Dorothy weighs 53 pounds!  I think she is pretty much done with growing length and height-wise, but she will still get a little more muscular and thicker in the chest.

Although every once in a while I look at her and think she is getting really bulldogge-esque, I tend to not notice her changes since I see her every day.  I do get comments from her outside admirers about how big she is getting—especially from those who haven’t run into us in a few weeks or months.  I did also notice that she is having a bit of trouble fitting her whole body into the windowsill in a supine position.  And she no longer will even attempt to lie in any of the cat beds.

 I tried to get some pictures of her strapping new body, but the camera worries her so she tends to sit down when she sees it.  Here is Dorothy, all glorious 53 pounds of her:


Dorothy thinking, I could weigh more if you only gave me more kibble:


elisabethellington said...

Dorothy and Roxy are twins! Roxy is 55 pounds exactly and has been for 5 years, LOL. Wish my weight were that consistent!

Elizabeth said...

55 pounds seems like a good size for a dog! Or dogge! Dorothy looks smaller than that to me--as I'm sure Roxy does too--because so much of the weight is muscles in the front. She's chesty.