Monday, March 5, 2012

Toddler Dorothy

Dorothy is like a little kid, in that if we are walking and we come across a wall or a ledge, she now insists upon walking along it.  She’ll jump up by herself and then walk on it as sure-footed as a gymnast, before making her dismount.  She likes to run up and down stairs too, and will often run up someone’s front stairs and then sit in front of the door facing out, all proud of herself.

Here she is on the wall at Rittenhouse.  Once up, she’ll stop and survey her domain, trying to spot a squirrel or a pigeon or a dog she wants to meet:

And also like a little kid, here is Dorothy throwing a tantrum and letting it be known that she does NOT want to leave the park yet.  She’s only one, but sometimes seems to already be in the terrible twos!  So precocious!

Dorothy thinking, I don't WANT to leave the park! 
You can't make me!

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