Monday, March 12, 2012

Clean-Up In Aisle 5

Now that Dorothy is a little older, she is able to help out some around the house.  I have yet to train her to put my dirty laundry in the washer, as I had once envisioned.  But her life on Spruce Street is not all fun and games all of the time.

For example, she works hard as a guard bulldogge.  She might look like she is lying in her bed and sound like she is snoring loudly, but really she is alert and listening for any Suspicious Sound.  Upon hearing such a sound, she will run to the door and emit a ferocious bark.  The good thing about her guard-dogge skill-set is that she is discriminating about what noises will set her off.  Having lived most of her life in an apartment, she is used to people passing by our door and going up to their apartments.  She’s also used to voices out in the hallway and even dogs going up and down the stairs.  Luckily for me, she knows not to bark at these sounds.  She will bark, though, if someone hesitates on our landing, or bangs into our door, or just makes a sound that is out of the norm.

The other chore she does which is helpful is that after Posy eats her breakfast or dinner in the study behind closed doors (so she can concentrate on her food, instead of turning her nose up at it, covering it with phantom earth, and then letting Plum eat it later), Dorothy will go into the study when I let Posy out and clean up the many remnants of food that Posy has scattered about, wee piggy cat she.  No longer do I find myself on my hands and knees chasing tidbits of tuna!  And this is good.

Dorothy thinking:  I’m always happy to help!

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