Thursday, March 8, 2012

In A Couch Potato State

It is always a good day for me when I get home from work and Sean has already been there for a few hours tiring out the pets.  Instead of being greeted by three beasts who have been napping for hours and stand at the door ready to rumble, my entrance into the apartment does not even merit a head lifting off the bed.  I first see:

Dorothy lying half in half out of her bed, panting.

Dorothy thinking:  only disturb me if it is time for kibble.

Plum conked out in the dog crate.

It's exhausting watching man and dogge wrestle:

And Posy, who was snoozing under her lamp before I got out the camera, and then when the lens was aimed at her immediately started cleaning her wee person so as not to disappoint her granny:

Granny, I am always industriously cleaning--
don't believe a word she says.

It is definitely a desirable state of affairs, and one that guarantees me at least a modicum of leisure time.

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elisabethellington said...

Our cats sleep in the dog crate too! Well, Puck and Xander do, and they're basically the size of a dog anyway. Love the pic of Posy cleaning for Granny.