Monday, March 19, 2012

A Room With (not much of) A View

When it gets warm out in the spring, I will open up one of the windows in my back room to get some air and to let the cats have a sensory adventure.  Immediately upon opening the window, both cats will appear in the room (one of them needs  a little help up on to the sill, due to having, shall we say, stumpy legs.)  They like to soak up the breezes and watch the passers-by, and an occasional sparrow or pigeon.  

Of course, when this occurs, Dorothy has to see what is going on.  She fortunately cannot jump up into the sill (or has yet to realize that she can do so), [INSERT!  I'm told she can and has jumped up into the sill on her own!  Oh dear!]  but she can now stand on the bed and peer out with her siblings.  I’m sure she figures that if it is good enough for the cats it is good enough for her.  And besides, Josie Beagle could be walking by!

Dorothy thinking, hark!   Who goes thar?!

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elisabethellington said...

We have a small screened porch which is mainly used by the pets. When it warms up enough in the morning to open the door (pretty unusual for March!), there is a stampede! We keep the doors propped open and they cycle in and out all day. There are some lilacs on one side where some birds nest, and I'm sure you can imagine how exciting that is.