Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monkey In My Mouth

Nothing pleases Dorothy more than to find a treasure in the park.  She gets happy if the treasure is but a fine stick; but if the treasure is a stinky old ball, or some sort of dog or child’s toy, well then! – her glee and amazement know no bounds.

Yesterday she went to the park with her father and returned quite quickly.  Usually they will do three or four turns around the park, but this time she found a squeaky monkey on a park bench and so had to bring it home, STAT.

After giving it a rinse, we let her enjoy the monkey and make it squeak for a good hour or so.  But we took it away when she removed its rubber monkey tail from its rubber monkey body.

You can be sure that Dorothy will be checking the particular bench on which she found the monkey each time we go to the park from here on in.  Who knows what will be there next?!

Dorothy thinking, this is MY monkey; it is not YOUR monkey.

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