Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Southern Cousins Are Coming

But hopefully not via Segway!

Dorothy will soon get to meet her two cousins from the South!  They don't know it yet, but she fully plans to join them on the blow-up air mattress while they are here.  Sleepover!!! She is also busy trying to decide whose pillow she will share, Lily's or Avery's?  Luckily, they will be staying for two nights, so there will be time to rest her large snoring bulldogge head on each cousin's pillow!  Lucky cousins!  Little do they know that while in Philadelphia, the first sight that will greet their eyes when they open them in the morning is this:

Although Dorothy's repose in that picture is really a bit misleading.  Before they see that sight, they will feel a hot tongue cleaning their ears, and a gangly bulldogge body draped across their necks.  And when they see that face, it will more likely than not be coming toward them at a speed of about 60 mph.  Oh what fun!

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Martha said...

The Southerns are coming! The Southerns are coming!