Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bulldogge By-Laws: Section WWTD?

Once again, there is strife in my home surrounding the Bulldogge By-Laws.  I keep requesting that before chewing on an item inside (or outside) the apartment, Dorothy first refer to Section WWTD, and follow the instructions there by asking herself "What Would Tulip Do?" before chewing.

Tulip would not chew shoes, for example.  Or threads hanging from couches.  Or the drawstrings on sleeping bags.  Tulip would not steal panties from the hamper, nor chew on the underwires of brassieres.  Dropped foodstuffs are fair game, of course, including kibble that falls out of the mouths of cats.  Hairballs are contentious:  see under the section entitled "Disgusting Habits."  Chew toys are ideal!

In response, Dorothy has demanded that the "T-word" be stricken from the by-laws.  After all, she claims, a pug is not a Bulldogge, so a pug's do's and don'ts are irrelevant to said bulldogge's conduct and chewing habits.

We are at a bit of an impasse.

Dorothy queries:  does this look like a pug to you?

The oft-mentioned dead big sister:


Martha said...

It seems so strange that Little Dotty wouldn't want to "Be Just Like Tulip." Didn't all dogs?

Elizabeth said...

Ha! Nancy Alice certainly did.

Martha said...

Ah, that Nancy Alice. She was a real dog's dog. I just put on a black dress that I last wore in 1999 and found four stray nancy hairs scattered on it. I gave them to gordy as a gift to cherish, while Nancy yelled "That's Right, FatBoy!" from across the rainbow bridge. What a gal.

Elisabeth said...

Oh, I just heard that in Nancy Alice's voice too! I'm laughing and crying at the same time. I miss those pugs!