Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bed Zoomies!

Dorothy enjoys herself a bed zoomie.  It is nothing I taught her to do:  she arrived in my life with the inclination to zoom on a bed, and there didn't seem to be much I could do to stop it or to start it.  When Dorothy's feet hit a human bed, she is like a wind-up toy that has been wound to the limit:  once on the bed, she goes absolutely crazy!  She starts zooming back and forth like a wild thing:  she jumps, she scoots, she slithers, she does the occasional drive-by exuberant bite.  Reader, she zooms.

I had described the bed zoomie to friends and relatives at various times, but until you actually witness it happening, I don't think you can quite comprehend its intensity.  When my sister and her girls arrived and we began to set up the air mattress, I warned all three of the impending bed zoomie that would probably ensue.  I couldn't make any promises, mind you, since every once in a while Dorothy just isn't feeling the zoom.  But she did not disappoint!  The air mattress, as it turns out, is perfect for a zoomie.  And Dorothy even incorporated the couch into her zoom, plus she zoomed into my bedroom to zoom a bit on the bed in there before returning to the mattress.  I now have three witnesses who can concur that the zoomie, it exists, and the zoomie, it rules.

Here are some pictures of the zoomie, which don't quite do it justice.

Avery's stance here is the perfect reaction to a zoomie--she smartly averts her face to save her eyes:

The zoomie-er in pounce mode:

Creating a false sense of security--is the zoomie over?

Resting mid-zoomie -- don't get too close!:

The zoomie kissing attack!

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