Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dorothy and Josie Beagle

There are some dogs that Dorothy just immediately adores, and Josie the beagle is one of these dogs.  If Dorothy sees Josie walking down the street, she immediately will begin doing a greeting wiggle while continuing to walk, which makes her look like she was cut in half and then sewn loosely back together again.  When they are nose to nose, they will begin wrestling right where they were when they stopped wrestling the day before, as if only a few minutes had gone by since their last body slam.  It almost seems like they are saying, okay, you had me in a headlock, thusly, while I was chewing on your left ear and kicking you with my right foot.  There we go, yes that's right.  Begin!

Josie is 1 1/2 years old and a little shorter and thinner than Dorothy, but maneuverability and strength-wise, they are a good match right now.  In fact, for some reason Josie seems to do more "bully" moves than Dorothy.  Both dogs don't like strange car noises, so when they were in the midst of play at the park yesterday and a car sped past, both dogs jumped apart and stared at the offended vehicle, until deciding it was safe to resume their game.

Dorothy will also often play with a cairn terrier/chihuahua mix named Izzy.  However, Dorothy and Izzy will play 80% of the times they meet; the remaining 20% for some reason unbeknownst to Izzy's mom or me, they will turn their heads away and refuse to even greet the other, let alone begin a game.

Dorothy has an English bulldog friend named Max who is two months her senior, and Dorothy has just reached a size where she is able to engage Max and not be trampled by him.  In contrast, there's a Harlequin Great Dane puppy named Xena who is Dorothy's exact age, and Dorothy and Xena used to play often in March and April.  But now Xena is so much bigger than Dorothy, that she lies down to play so as not to be towering above her.  Xena's paws are also about the size of dinner plates now, and Dorothy doesn't particularly like being whopped by one.

On the flip side, Dorothy is very interested in two Olde English Bulldogge males who are about two years old and quite handsome, but these fellows don't play nicely with others, so their owner keeps them on short leashes.  The more stand-offish they are, the more Dorothy is intrigued and would like to go over to them.  She doesn't seem to be able to comprehend that some dogs might not be interested in meeting her, especially since she is so cute.  And so meet-able!

Dorothy, wondering why the Bulldogges don't like her:

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