Thursday, July 14, 2011

Posy and her Auntie Meredith

In years past, Posy has been rather indifferent about the whole concept of a house guest. She is okay if said guest is an adult, but if there are children in the mix, her idea of being a fine hostess is to spend most of her time lurking as a den beast under the bed, or running pellmell towards the direction of the bed in order to escape.

Lately, however, Posy has been a bit more open to the idea of Other People In Her Home.  She has realized that some such people will give her nose a scritch--and there is something to be said for that.  So instead of running under the bed when Meredith and the girls arrived the other day, she decided to give them a fine welcome.  Here is the greeting she decided upon:

Yep.  Posy decided that she would greet her southern aunt and cousins by remaining ensconced in the bathroom sink, thank you very much.  Her master plan worked; her aunt and cousins came to her, and her little coral nose was given many a scritch.

Eventually, however, she decided to be more friendly.  Here she is having just taught her Aunt Meredith how to scratch her on the head just so:

And the scratch completed, she decided to join Meredith in reading a junky People magazine, in case Meredith needed any help deciphering the words or pictures.

How thoughtful, Posy!

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