Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Dorothy is still pretty much an early riser.  Although every once in a while she will sleep in till 7 -- and once she even slept until 8:00! -- in general 6:00 - 6:15 is her favorite time to wake up and get the show on the road.  The show being me.  Her preferred method of waking me up is to either start licking my face and ears with her hot tongue, or perform a body slam on my face.  Neither is a very gentle awakening.

The first month I had to rush her out the door the minute she awoke like she was a bomb about to explode.  Nowadays, we still go out first thing, but it is not quite a matter of life or death.  As you know, Dorothy is not a walker, so some mornings we don't make it all the way to the park.  She'll do her business and then want to return home for a tasty breakfast.  If we do go all the way to the park, though, this is our view upon entering it:

It's a lovely city park on the whole, although I do have to make sure Dorothy doesn't run over and leap on to the few people who are sleeping in it.

Here is Dorothy looking about, seeing what dogs are out already, or what doormen might be willing to ooh and ahh over her.  She is also deciding what corner of a building she should choose on which to read her morning's p-mail:

And then we walk the 1.5 blocks home.  If I'm lucky, she walks the whole way with or without coaxing.  If I'm not lucky, she will go on strike and sit down and not budge.  Here she is, having made it home, waiting for a piece of kibble on our doorstep:

Good girl, Dorothy!

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