Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dorothy Meets Lily and Avery

My sister, Meredith, and her two girls, Lily and Avery, came for a visit on their way up to Maine last weekend.  This was Dorothy's first experience with house guests, and it was one she would very much like to repeat!  Dorothy is a big fan of CONSTANT EVENING ENTERTAINMENT, and she also likes new people and new experiences.  Add to this the fact that she adores all children, and you can imagine that she was very pleased with the visit.

Dorothy first surprised me by walking at a fast clip several blocks down to the parking garage to meet her cousins.  [Her new thing these days is to walk beautifully on our 8:00 pm-ish walk, and I almost hesitate to mention it as I don't want to jinx anything.]  We then walked them back to our apartment, and Dorothy only sat down once!

Here she is giving her cousins a thorough inside greeting.  She hadn't known when we met them on the street that they were going to follow us home, so she was pleasantly surprised.

Since Dorothy was a bit too interested in the content of all the suitcases, they were stored behind a closed door in the study.  Sometimes, however, the door was open and a bulldogge had to slip in to see what was what.  Here is one of those times.  Dorothy was very keen on Avery's new Toms shoes, but Avery was just as keen at keeping the Toms away from Dorothy.  Good move, Avery.  Here Dorothy is helping Avery unpack:

And here is Dorothy, very pleased with the air mattress in the living room.  She thought it was a fine place to spend an evening with the girls!

Dorothy also enjoyed having the girls introduce her to their favorite TV shows.  Here she is, hanging with her homies:


And here is Dorothy trading secrets with Lily on the cat-scratching chair:

And posing with Avery back in the living room on the couch.  Don't they both look lovely?! Can't you see the family resemblance?

Dorothy is already looking forward to their next visit!

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