Tuesday, October 22, 2013


One of Owen’s favorite things to do these days is to push a toy car or truck or train around as he crawls.  Of course, he will make sound effects as he goes, ending up with what sounds like a combination of a vehicle in bad need of a new muffler and a sick cow – in other words, his rendition of the sound Sean makes when he pushes a toy car around for Owen.  Owen will also imitate Sean making the car drive up Owen’s back and across his head.  He can’t reach his back, but he will stand there with the car going back and forth in a k-turn across his hair.

Being Owen, he will also try to pile something on top of the car he is “driving,” and then when it inevitably falls off, he will get angry.  He also gets angry if he drives his large truck under the chair rungs and then tries to back it out through rungs that are too low.  That is when we need to come to his aid, pronto, and all AAA-like.

It is all very cute to watch, but my favorite thing about Owen’s driving is the position he gets into while pushing the car.  He is mostly crawling, but he puts one leg up into the stand position, perhaps so as to get better leverage on moving the car?  Here’s an example:

(And such legs should always wear shorts, right?)

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