Sunday, October 20, 2013

Calling All Cider Donuts

We’ve been on a bit of a quest to find a good cider donut in this area and have yet to reach success.  In New England the cider donuts were serious business—rather hefty and dense in contrast to the light coating of granulated sugar that tended to dust the top and sides.  One at a time would do you, and they tasted like fall. 

Around here we found that the Amish were selling some in Reading Terminal Market, but they sold them glazed, and whereas in general I’m of the belief that one can never go wrong with icing (unless it has cream cheese in it), there just is no need for glaze on a cider donut.  We found pumpkin donuts at the Dublin Bakery not too far from us, and they were tasty, but a pumpkin donut does not a cider donut make.

Then last Saturday Sean came up with the brilliant idea of heading on a whim to Merrymead farm, where pumpkins abound, as well as activities like corn mazes and hay rides, and he had heard rumors of good cider donuts on the premises.  So we drove the lovely 45-minute drive with Owen conveniently snoozing in his seat in the back, and arrived with our urchin just a few minutes before the hordes of other adults with urchins arrived.  We purchased a large lovely pumpkin, walked around and looked at the farm animals (including one ginormous pink pig tipped over in a kind of food coma in the straw), and then sampled Merrymead Farm’s cider donuts.

And they were definitely good—small little rings that were equally inviting the next day.  They had a dusting of granulated sugar and even a nice faint cidery taste.  I was glad we tried them, although they weren’t quite as dense as I think a cider donut should be.  Our quest therefore continues!

Dorothy thinking, in an Eeyore fashion, that if you ask me --
and no one ever does -- I would recommend a maple bacon donut.

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