Thursday, October 3, 2013


The whole baby milestone thing is a strange business, so it is probably just as well that I have a baby book for Owen yet have not written a single word inside of it, ahem.  For with Owen, there doesn’t seem to be a Day that He Talks, a Day that He Walks, etc.  He will sort of do something without thinking about it for awhile, and then perhaps do it proudly for an afternoon, and then after that refuse to do it at all for a couple of weeks, and then work up to perhaps trying it again, before finally no-big-deal does it all the time.  That seems to be true for his language acquisition, and it also seems to be true for his walking.  

He now can walk, or I should say, has walked, and might soon be walking again.  But it is still more like a thing he does when he is standing holding two toys and wants to reach another toy and so will take three steps in that toy’s direction before squatting down and dropping the toys in his hands in favor of the toy on the ground, etc. 

He started doing that frequently this past weekend, but when we placed him upright on the ground and sat a few feet away and asked him to walk to us?  Well, he was having none of that.  I guess he is no trained monkey?  Or he just has to be in the mood.  Or he just has to start walking without thinking about it until thinking won’t make him pancake onto the floor?  We shall see.

In the meantime:  Owen walks!  Yes.  But he still prefers to crawl, and staircases are still his very favorite surface ever.

Owen in his preferred method of locomotion:
in the bjorn on Dad.

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