Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Furminator

We have been having a lot of, shall we say, unpleasant furball-related incidents, in which Sean, who is usually the first one downstairs in the morning, will discover furball puddles in multiple rooms, as well as on the staircase.  I’ve been trying to brush Plum more, so perhaps have been making the situation worse by loosening more fur?  It’s no doubt the kind of thing that gets worse before it gets better?

At any rate, the cat comb I had was getting old and not as effective, and my boss recommended that I try The Furminator, a dog and cat comb that was guaranteed to work wonders.  I found a good deal on amazon and so far have been pretty impressed with the results.  Sean is skeptical—he says it looks like a cootie comb in a handle—but it does do a really good job of getting out all the loose undercoat.  And it even finds loose undercoat on Posy, who is extremely type A when it comes to personal hygiene.

The jury is still out when it comes to the furballs, but surely the handfuls of fur that come off when I use the furminator are handfuls of fur that will not end up in vomity ball form on my floors later on, no?  And that is something.


Elisabeth said...

Maybe we need one of these! Do you think it would work on a long-haired cat? Abby has that Plum-type thick undercoat, so it sounds like it would be good for her. Puck and Xander are our big pukers. We probably clean up vomit 5 times a week from those two. Ryan always says that if Puck and Xander were representative of all cats, nobody would ever have one. And I have to agree.... Also, I had a dream last night that I was visiting you. I was so excited in my dream to get to meet Posy and Plum! I apparently forgot about poor Dorothy because she wasn't in my dream at all. The sorrows of being a bulldogge.

Elizabeth said...

You should definitely try it. They have them for long haired cats and for short haired cats, so you might need two? I think the difference is just the length in "teeth" though, so you could probably get a long-haired one and just use it extra carefully when combing your short-haired cats. My boss said she uses it 3 times a week on her cats and it has cut down on hairballs by 90%! So that seems pretty good to me. The first time I used it on my cats, it was horrifying how much fur came off.

You should visit! All my pets quite enjoy a visitor, especially the bulldogge. She will sit on your lap, whether she appeared in your dream or no.