Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I lived in Center City Philadelphia for nine years, and very much enjoyed my sojourn there.  However, when we decided to move to the suburbs, I was also pleased to leave.  I was ready for more space, and very ready for a yard in which to let Dorothy out, and ready for more trees and plants and animals.  The thing that made me happiest about leaving the city, though, is that after living in apartments for 22 years, I was VERY ready to not have to deal with anyone else’s daily noise.  I didn’t want to know when my neighbors turned their TV on and when they turned it off.  I didn’t want to hear their alarm waking them up in the morning, or smell what they were eating for dinner.  Being a person who tends to fixate on errant noises, I was very done with peripheral sound.

And where we live now is mostly deliciously quiet!  But on Sunday, I was enjoying Owen’s naptime with a book when I realized that I was hearing a weird high-pitched noise in the distance that would ring out every twenty seconds or so.  Being happily ensconced with a Posy on my lap, I texted Sean in the other room to see if he knew what the noise was.  At first he thought it was coming from a school bus port located behind us, but when he went out in the yard to do some chores, the noise wasn’t coming from that direction.

So when Owen woke up, we decided to go on a mission to follow the noise, identify it, and with any luck, get the thing to kindly shut up.  We put Owen in the front pack on Sean and off we went.  After a little bit of walking in one direction and then turning and walking in the other, and then cutting diagonally here and going catty-corner there, our sleuthing paid off.  The noise was an alarm going off in a hospital parking garage not far from our house.  This garage isn’t used much on the weekends, so there didn’t seem to be anyone around (besides us) to be irked by it.  We went to the main hospital entrance and told the security guard, who said he’d get someone to take care of it.  And then when it was still ringing an hour later, we called and reported the noise once again.  

Twenty minutes or so after that call, all was quiet again in our neck of the woods.  At least until Owen got fussy….

Posy thinking, You don't know from irritating noise.

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