Monday, June 18, 2012


Not even four days past our closing, my parents had rented a van and were driving to Pennsylvania from Maine to bring me all my junk that had been clogging their basement for years.  Lickety split! -- they journeyed south.

On the way, they stopped at my sister Martha's in Massachusetts to pick up some baby supplies Martha had generously donated to me.  At around 11:00 I got an email from Martha saying that Operation Childhood Crap had just passed Check Point Baby Mountain and were heading hither.  Here is a picture she took so that I could visualize:

You'll note the van is filled to the brim with goodies--new baby clothes!  a beautiful dining room table from my Great Aunt Ruth and Uncle Willard -- and not so goodies -- a crate of my old yearbooks, musty childhood books, a whole bin of dolls....

And now a good portion of it is (temporarily) in my very own basement and attic.  Ah, ballast!

Thanks, parents!

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